Overview Edit

The Map acts as the stage for your Scene. They house all of the physical aspects such as the walls, floors, and tables. The Map pertains to things like the Asset Library and Props.

Hot KeysEdit

Key Stroke Action
R Rotate selected asset
Hold Shift + Click Select multiple assets
Click + Drag Select multiple assets in an area
Hold Ctrl + Click + Drag Copy selected asset(s).
Alt + Arrow Keys Nudge an asset forward, back, left or right (X & Z axis)
Alt + Page up/down Nudge an asset vertically up or down (Y axis)

Creating a new MapEdit

Click on File -> IconNewSceneNew Scene

This may seem odd, but since maps by themselves don't do anything, we decided to combine the functionality into a single button. After selecting New Scene the editor will ask if you want to create a brand new map, use an existing map or duplicate the existing map. Select an option and you are ready to begin building.

Create New MapEdit

To create a map from scratch, select the create a new map option after selecting New Scene. A blank grey grid will appear, and all of your old scene data and scene contents will be removed (remember this is a new scene too!). From there you are ready to start placing floor tiles, wall tiles, and any other tiles that tickle your fancy, which can be found in the Asset Library view.

Using an Existing MapEdit

To use an existing map, select the Use an Existing Map option after selecting New Scene. Using an existing map allows you to create different variations of the same map. This is great for creating a different atmosphere (using light and effects), setting different triggers, spawning other NPCs, and setting up different Conversations; without the need to start from scratch. Keep in mind that the Scene Data of the existing map you reuse will not carry over to this new map as it is a new scene.

Duplicating a MapEdit

To duplicate a map, select the 'duplicate map' option after selecting create new scene.

Tutorials Edit

Wondering how to make beautiful maps quickly and correctly? Learn from two Environment Artists who created the game:

  • Making Maps 1: Interiors -- Secret Lab -- Creating interior maps: Floors, Walls, and Furniture
  • Making Maps 2: Exteriors -- Downtown Seattle -- Creating exterior maps: Walls, Roofs, Streets, and Decorations
  • Making Maps 3: Lighting -- Ambient, Directional, and Point Lights.
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