Scene Data is a running list of all the things that are tied to the scene but are not physically present on the map.

Scene Data Edit

Triggers Edit

An "If - Then" statement that determines the actions in a Scene.

Variables Edit

A Containers for storing information in a Scene.

Tags Edit

A fixed string that can be attached to any Asset in a Scene

Events Edit

A custom "WHEN" statement for use with Triggers in a Scene.

Goals Edit

An objective in a Scene.

The Drop Down Edit

From the drop down menu you can filter the visible data by:

IconTrigger Triggers
IconVariable Variables
IconTags Tags
IconEvents Events
IconGoals Goals

The Filter Edit

The filter will match your search to the Name of what you are searching for. This means clever naming is key to keeping track of all your data when developing UGC.

For Example:

Variable: c01_s01_Lab_Key

  • c01 refers to the object being part of Chapter 1
  • s01 refers to the object being part of Scene 1

This way, you can search for everything in Chapter 1 by typing "c01" in the filter. Likewise, type "s01" to search for everything in Scene 1.

Adding New DataEdit

Using the IconGearDropdown to edit contents of Story Data

  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Trigger
  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Trigger Event
  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Variable
  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Tag
  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Goal

Media Edit